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StockCandles is an application for financial charting and technical analysis. Users are able to review and analyze financial charts. The data is downloaded from free Internet sites, like for example from Our long-term goal is to support:
  • charting
  • strategy back testing
  • stock filtering and generation of signals

The project uses Qt as a GUI and application framework.

For technical analysis the project uses the TA-Lib library.

There are no releases yet and in current state the project is useful only for developers. Our main development platform is Windows, using Visual Studio Express 2008.

Installing Visual Studio

Follow a normal installation but make sure the install path does not contain spaces. In other words, do not use the default C:\Program Files\... path. For convenience let's assume that Visual Studio is installed in d:\installed\msvs2008.

Installing Qt

You can follow these steps:
  • Download the source code edition of the LGPL version of Qt. For example, for Qt 4.5.0 use
  • Unzip the file into a directory without spaces - let's say d:\qt-4.5.0
  • Using the Control Panel create the environment variable QTDIR=d:\qt-4.5.0
  • Using the Control Panel add %QTDIR%\bin to PATH
  • Open the Visual Studio Command Prompt - this is called "Visual Studio 2008 Command Prompt" and is located in the Visual Studio Tools folder of the Visual Studio program group - here is a screenshot:
  • Go to the QTDIR directory: cd /d %QTDIR%
  • Run the configure script: configure
  • When this is done, run nmake: nmake

The last two steps take hours. Once they are finished, Qt is ready to be used.

Configuring SVN

You can use any SVN client, the steps give brief instructions how to configure the TortoiseSVN
  • Download the TortoiseSVN
  • Install the TortoiseSVN
  • In the Windows Explorer go to the directory where the root directory of the project (stockcandles) is to be downloaded
  • Click the right mouse button and choose "SVN Checkout ..."
  • Use For the URL of repository
  • Hit Ok

If the command finishes successfully, the project source code is downloaded in the stockcandles directory

Compiling the project

  • Open the Visual Studio Command Prompt
  • Go to the project directory
  • Run qmake: qmake
  • From the Windows Explorer open (double click) stockcandles.vcproj file - this will launch the visual studio and open the project


The project is in a very immature stage, but here is a screenshot:


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